Friday, February 23

About Us

The Beiramar Group, located in Calgary, Alberta, is involved in various areas of real estate, including selection and acquisition of land, land use planning and development. Our vision is to build a strong and lasting legacy of successful and diversified real estate holdings.

In a fluid and dynamic field like real estate, Beiramar Group has distinguished itself through integrity, reliability and reputation — evolving to meet the needs of an ever-changing market, while maintaining core corporate values and best practices throughout. Beiramar is a company with substance and ambition, with significant land holdings in and around the Calgary area, all poised for development. Beiramar is indeed a substantial player already and our desire to continue to grow and become an even larger player is at the heart of the organization.

Our land planning department is comprised of members who bring a wealth of experience, creativity and expertise to land planning and development in and around Calgary.